Rose Gold Foil in Ivory

Rose Gold Foil in Ivory


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Peacock Themed Wedding Invitations

The wedding invitation plays a crucial role in every wedding. This peacock themed and rose gold foil wedding invitation in an Ivory material intends to represent just that identity while inviting your family and friends to celebrate your special day with you. This is a richly finished padded style wedding invitation suitable for all faiths. Ink colors inside the inserts and colors of the material can be customized.

On time and accurate alignments. We can accommodate your ideas and logos. Variety of color board choices. Mat finishing or gloss finishing is up to the customer taste and choice. Very modern and trendy wedding invitations. Can be given to all faith wedding guests.

If you are looking for Traditional Indian  wedding invitations with a neat finishing, this is one of the best choice you will get. 100% customisable in terms of colors and content. Very stylish and eye catching wedding invitation. Neatly printed with special attention to details. Choice of traditional logos and designs.  Preserving the traditional elements of conventional Hindu Wedding, this design strives to give you a slight contemporary twist.

Nila cards caters to customers from all faiths. By simply changing the logos, the cards can be customised to any faith. The above invitation can be converted and modified to customers who are looking for Tamil Hindu wedding invitations, Muslim wedding invitations, Christian wedding invitations, Jain Wedding Invitations, Gujarati Wedding Cards, Gujarati Invitations and simple modern wedding invitations as preferred.

Card price includes a main card, an envelope and two inserts from displayed option. You can either use the invitation design as is or if preferred with an envelope alternatively. The Card Envelope Insert Boards and printing colors can be customised.